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Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

For over thirty years Retirement Security Centers has been structuring, implementing and servicing employer sponsored retirement plans throughout the state of California. From school systems, to hospitals, from corporations to non-profits we know the complexities, challenges and compliance requirements that can make the creation and maintenance of an employer sponsored retirement plan daunting at best. Add to this the evolving legislative and ever changing regulatory environment and the need for qualified guidance becomes clear.

Retirement Security Centers is known for our in-depth knowledge of consistent structuring and education of employees who participate in employer sponsored retirement plans. There are various types of plans offering different options for participants and all these attributes need to be explored in-depth prior to placing, updating or instituting an appropriate plan for an employer.

In addition to that, being a participant in a plan is yet another opportunity that requires appropriate guidance and education. With employer sponsored retirement plans holding a bulk of the retirement savings for a significant percentage of the population in the United States, it is critical to understand the options these plans present for diversification, maximizing contributions and rollovers, when and if appropriate.

If you are already participating in one of our plans we welcome your questions, and encourage you to sign up for one of our educational sessions on The EASE Process. If you are employer in need of a plan assessment or comparison we are available to assist with this as well. It's time you to drive your retirement savings, and stop simply hoping for the best.