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Retirement Discovery Program

Our Retirement Discovery Program, designed specifically to assist employers in supporting their employees to and through retirement, is a unique program that makes it possible for RSC to assist employers with the complexities their employees face in planning for retirement. The program utilizes education, surveys, group workshops, and one-on-one consultations to effectively address the questions employees ask as they prepare to transition into retirement on their own terms. As a result, RSC gives both employers and their employees the opportunity to “define their future”, all while tackling increasing government regulation, potential union demands, and the intrinsic challenges of today’s retirement landscape. 

The key differentiator of the Retirement Discovery Program is its core mission to support employers who have existing retirement plans in place by providing customized income distribution solutions, beyond or in addition to what might be currently offered. The four-step program helps employers demonstrate their commitment to employees’ well-being to and through retirement. By leveraging our retirement distribution expertise, the employer is able to set their company apart as an organization that cares about the future of those who serve them. 

“To us, employers and employees working in concert to address the challenges of retirement income and distribution is a powerful business productivity and retention tool. Retirement Security Centers(RSC) is committed to working with employers to implement and facilitate a proven process for success, while removing the challenges that can often sidetrack otherwise well-intentioned employers .” said Co-Founders, Briggs A. Matsko, CFP®, CRPC© and Jeff R. Maas, CFP®, ChFC®, CRPC®