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Employer Services

Employer Services

Is the financial wellness of your employees thriving?

Employees with a sound financial foundation contribute more and demand less. Discover a new way to help your employees navigate today's complex economic challenges while improving your workforce's productivity and engagement with a unique financial wellness program. 

Financial stress is one of the leading causes of diminished productivity at work.

Help your employees discover their path to financial wellness! Now is the time to reshape and enhance your company benefits beyond the traditional 401(k)! In the last three decades, companies and workers have experienced a shift from Defined Benefit Plans (DBPs) to Defined Contribution Plan (DCP) offerings, changing how many employees save for today and view retirement in their future. Now more than ever, employers are looking for new ways to provide proactive financial wellness programs and educational resources to help their valued employees combat stresses around financial matters, plan for their retirement, and experience greater fulfillment and engagement at work and home.

Two Paths to Financial Wellness for Your Employees

Two Paths to Financial Wellness for Your Employees

You care about your employees! It's time to optimize your workforce, enhance your benefits, and discover a professional partnership that empowers your employees to remove doubt, renew confidence, and receive trusted financial and retirement guidance. 

Regardless of age, employee financial wellness is essential to a productive, thriving workplace! We partner with employers on two critical pathways to help improve your employees' financial health. Each path provides the opportunity to partner and receive one-on-one, professional guidance from a licensed financial planner for:


Path 1 | Retirement Planning

Path 1 | Retirement Planning

For employees ready to prioritize their retirement planning, we guide them with a planning-led approach, using our 4-step process called EASE.

  • Envision - A collaborative discovery conversation 
  • Analyze - A review discussion of data to establish a baseline
  • Solutions - An interactive scenario meeting with customized results
  • Evaluate - An annual review of results, priorities, and adjustments

Partnered with a licensed financial planner, we offer a personalized  experience to help them gain a sense of security in their plan for retirement and develop a retirement income distribution strategy.

CLICK HERE to read more about our planning-led, process-driven approach.

Path 2 | Financial Coaching

Path 2 | Financial Coaching

To support your employees' overall health and well-being, we provide a safe, confidential space for discussing their top financial goals, concerns, and questions. In this program, we address:

  • Setting goals and making a plan
  • Budgeting
  • Debt management
  • Saving and investing

We offer group webinars, individual 1-hour coaching sessions with a licensed financial planner, and a 6-month follow-up check-in call. 

CLICK HERE to read our Financial Coaching Program FAQs.

What does your organization's financial wellness program look like?

What does your organization's financial wellness program look like?

Discover a partnership to deliver a wellness program your employees want and need! We'll complement your existing benefits package with a focus on reducing stressors around money matters, improving your employees' financial health, and helping them gain confidence in their financial future today and retirement future tomorrow.

  • Professional guidance partnered with a licensed financial planner
  • Personalized meetings for retirement planning
  • Customized results for retirement income distribution strategies
  • Group webinars on financial topics important to your employees
  • One-on-one financial coaching calls, not a call center environment

Take action, and let's help your employees thrive! Schedule an introduction call today!