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Your Envision Plan

Your Envision Plan

Achieve your ideal retirement.

With experience, knowledge, and interactive scenario visualizations, we bring clarity to your retirement vision and deliver customized results designed for you.

Retirement should be a customized journey designed for you.

Retirement should be a customized journey designed for you.

Is retirement in your future, but you need help determining where or how to begin? Like any well-planned trip, evaluating your current financial picture can help set the baseline to reach your desired destination. Planning for retirement is the same. It requires proper planning and resources, along with flexibility. 

Your Envision Plan is a customized retirement roadmap designed for you. Incorporating your data, we'll look at where you are today, identify opportunities and solutions, and adjust when your plans change to help you achieve your ideal retirement.

Evaluate your expenses.

Evaluate your expenses.

From your pre-retirement to active retirement years, we'll help you identify your expenses to develop a baseline of your current and future financial picture. What expenses can you consider?

  • Core Expenses: Food, clothing, housing, transportation, insurance, taxes
  • Joy Expenses: Travel, hobbies, entertainment, gifts
  • Legacy: Assets you want to pass to your heirs or charities after your death

By prioritizing and then categorizing your expenses, you better understand your current financial situation and can make informed decisions about saving, investing, and budgeting for retirement.

Visualize your expenses.

Visualize your expenses.

Yes, it is common for expenses to fluctuate during the transition from pre-retirement to active retirement years. We describe retirement in three phases, as it often brings about significant lifestyle changes and financial adjustments, which can impact your expenses.

Recognizing not all expenses will be linear throughout your retirement; it's important to account for these phases and potential expense fluctuations when creating your retirement plan. Our team helps you assess and prepare for these changes effectively.

Are you ready to take a customized journey toward a successful retirement?

Let's get started!

First, we start by sharing a visual of your expenses. We view where you are today and through the three phases of retirement over your life expectancy.

What's next? It's time to identify your income sources & assets.

What's next? It's time to identify your income sources & assets.

Planning for retirement involves various sources of income that will support you during your non-working years. While the regular paycheck from employment ceases upon retirement, there are several potential income sources to consider, including:

  • Pension or retirement savings plan
  • Social Security benefits
  • Investments and personal savings
  • Part-time work or side gig

Have you considered what sources and assets will provide you income in retirement?

Assessing where you are today!

We visualize your income sources and assets with expenses. Simulating different scenarios side-by-side with your financial planner, together we evaluate, adjust, and refine to eliminate the red. We layer the income sources that will fund your expenses, also taking into consideraton the spenddown of both Taxable and Retirement Savings accounts. 

While expenses are covered in the early retirement years, we discover a shortfall (the red appears in the analysis below) at age 82 that we must solve.

And finally? Uncovering solutions to help you achieve your ideal retirement!

We visualize your income sources and expenses with solutions. Guiding you through various "what-if" scenarios, you can better understand the potential outcomes and risks associated with different financial decisions, in real time. 

We've eliminated the shortfall at age 82, identifying solutions, such as changes in income, expenses, investments, and market conditions, incorporating your life goals. We also adjust for inflation, life expectancy, healthcare needs, and legacy plans, to name a few.

The illustrations provided are for educational purposes only and of a general nature. Individual recommendations and results may vary.

What does Your Envision Plan look like?

What does Your Envision Plan look like?

The ideal retirement is unique and varies from person to person. The result is a retirement plan created with you and customized for you. It encompasses personal aspirations, financial goals, lifestyle preferences, and individual circumstances. Working with our experienced team can help you realize your retirement possibilities.

We'll work together to:

  • Build and chart a plan that aligns with your vision and goals.
  • Gain clarity about your financial and retirement future.
  • Establish your legacy.
  • Eliminate the red and maximize the potential for your ideal retirement.

Connect with us to start the process of developing Your Envision Plan.